July 22, 2014
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July 22, 2014
Buy Online Cheap Tuxedos Suits At MensUSA

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July 18, 2014
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July 17, 2014

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July 16, 2014
Get To Know About The Attractive Alligator Skin Wallets

There are some items which you use on personal and regular basis and a few are the one that say something about you just like your watch .One of such personal belongings is a wallet. Most probably wallets are carried by people wherever they go. Everyone wants to have such a wallet that is functional, practical and stylish. One of such type of wallet is the one made of the skin of alligators. The users of this wallet have given the feedback that it is good for safety holding of all the items. Secondly, the shape and sizes of these wallets make them easy to carry. This wallet, has long going useful life so, its relative cost is not an issue for the users who want long lasting wallets. Along with this, no other wallet can replace its style too. It has many advantages over the other type of wallets.

Classic and exclusive looks with years of service are the main features of this wallet. The quality and value of the wallet varies with the species, type of skin and tanning process of the alligator’s skin. The skin of an alligator consists of symmetrical scale patterns with good three dimensional feel. The skin is thick, soft and smoother if it is compared with crocodile skin. That is the reason why alligator skin wallet are preferred to the crocodile skin wallet. One of the most popular species of alligator used to make wallets is  ”American alligator” or “Alligator Mississippians”. For smooth skinned wallets the throat and belly areas are used because here the scales are largest and rectangular in shape too. The least desirable potion is tail and it is used for internal or hidden sections of a purse or for making belts.

There are various styles and formats of this wallet present in the market. The Horn beck wallets are the popular ones because of their attractive and unique texture and are in more demand than smooth wallets. These are made from horn like scale on the back of alligator. The colors of this wallet are mostly grey, brown and greenish just like the alligator’s skin. When further the tanning and dying process is done, the wallet can be made of any color. Yellow, blue ,green and pink are the various colors available in the market. The cost of the alligator skin wallet ranges from$59 to $200 depending upon the quality and designs available. It is good to prefer darker color as the lighter one are inconsistent and can discolor. The colors of these wallets have two kinds of finishes classic high gloss and safari or semi gloss. Classic finish is more smooth and shiny and safari or semi gloss wallets are preferred because of durability. No matter how much attractive wallets one launches in the market, nothing can replace the demand of this wallet because of its interesting looks and durability. For those who are fond of unique and attractive items, this wallet is a good choice.


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July 16, 2014
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July 15, 2014
Ostrich Wallets for Men At MensUSA.com

MensUSA.com is an online shopping store with huge collection of best Wallets for Men like Ostrich Skin, Alligator Skin Stingray Skin wallets and many more .We offer tremendously popular Belts like Crocodile Belt, Alligator Belts, Western Belt, Mezlan Belts.


July 11, 2014

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July 10, 2014
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July 9, 2014
Familiarize Yourself With Important Information About Exotic Cowboy Boots

many things with regard to his food, dress, and shelter. In order to look chic and fashionable, he has made several kinds of dresses and boots. Boots play a major role in protecting them from dust, soil and thorny bushes. While being on trekking, boots provide them comfort and easiness. 

Quite dissimilar to normal shoes, Exotic cowboy boots are made from animal skins. By inheriting unique features and characteristics, these boots have become ideal choices of the people, who are in quest of styles, particularly for urban cowboys. These boots made from ostrich and alligator skins. Alligator boots have great durability and look. They are durable that they last for a very long time if they are cared properly. Ostrich boots are sturdy and reliable. In addition to this, there are lizard boots, which are famous for great flexibility. A rattlesnake boots maintain its natural beauty without applying any polish or cream because its skin is tanned in various ways. The boost, which are made with stingray, eel and other special skins also come under this category.

These boots are available for both men and women in various sizes, colors and styles. Handcrafted and handmade exotic boots are very popular choices. They differ in prices depending on the usage of various materials. Usually, they are available in fine skins and leathers to be durable and tough. Sometimes, two kinds of leathers are used for an extraordinary appearance. They are covered with cowhide leather in the leg portion and genuine eel skin in the foot part. Cowboy boots are beautiful, western and stylish. It is truly amazing to know that there are many kinds of cowboy boots available in the market nowadays.

These exotic boots can be bought either customized or ready-made as per one’s choices and desires. Some of the brands are popular among customers for their durability, style and quality. These brands include Frye, Nocola, Lucchese, Sage, Tony Lama, Roper, Georgia, Laredo, Double-H, Acme, Dingo, Dan Post, Justin, Ariat, Durango etc. These boots are popular among the people of different ages. Nevertheless, choosing the ideal boot depends on the motto of each person whether for fashion or work. People using boots on their job outdoors chose the best quality and its toughness. Regular cowhide leather is the most famous choice among the people having lots of work outdoors.

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