August 13, 2014
Durable And Stylish Serratelli Hats

Although the concept of high crowned and broad brimmed hat came from the ideal look of the Mongolian horse rider long back from 13th century, the cowboy hats had always been famous among the western people. Today, besides being famous among the people of North America, Mexico and Canada these are not only worn in west but also all over the various countries of the world. From ranch workers, cowboys to the western singers all wear them. Although, it gets the recognition of past North American cowboy culture, it can be worn anywhere in the world.

Today, these hats have remained unchanged in their design since these were early created. These hats are not just confined to hard working cowboys. During 20th century it was the important item in almost all the men’s wardrobe. It is worn by all the masses of the people. Serratelli hats give protection against bad weather and often worn for fashion and style all over the world.

  • Manufacturing, Material used and designs- These hats undergo different processes while these are being made. Although most of the hats are fur based and less leather is used. These are made using fur, wool, or the combination of two and these are collected, sorted and graded and further to make the hat rounding, these are mixed with binder and pressed and later the trimming is done. The open crown hat is obtained when another rounding is made. These are made with brims and to retain the hats shape these are cooled and steamed and for further designing sweatbands and linings are added.
  • Colors and sizes- The desired color of the hats are achieved after dying them. These have natural and decent colors. The most common colors are white, blue, black, brown etc. These are available in variety of head sizes and worn accordingly.
  • Durability-As such these are made of good quality fur, these hats can be used for long time while providing protection against water. These are water resistant, lightweight too and durable for years.
  • Style and looks- These look stylish and have soft touch. These are available with different styles in shapes of brims with different widths.

 While making such western hats the craftsmen take special care of everything. The materials used, way of manufacturing and shaping and coloring are given proper concern. There is difference between the prices of the lighter and the darker hats. The differences in prices of Serratelli hats are not because of the qualities but colors. The costs of the light colored hats are more than the darker ones because of the additional work done. One can have the updates regarding latest styles of the hats, colors available, discount and prices through the available sites.

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August 5, 2014

From early ages the animal skin has crucial part in making various items to be used by men. Leather is one of such stuff which is not only attractive but durable and long lasting also. Crocodile skin leather is in demand because of its individual beauty and uniqueness. Its toughness makes it one of the best stuffs to make belts. On the world market the crocodile skin is highest grade skins available and so the belts made from it. Crocodile’s lather is tough as compared to alligator’s and that why to crocodile skin is best for this purpose. The leather is flexible and elastic and can bare loads too without any damage. Such belts are internationally recognized as highly durable belts and one of the luxurious items of the fashion world also. This belt is the item which is one of its kind and comes within the price which one can afford.

  The crocodile leather used is only the thin layer used from the multi-ply structure. To make belts 4-5 pieces of the leather are spliced together and top quality belt is expected to be made than this splicing should be well matched. The splices are visible if belt is seen properly. Some Crocodile beltsare made from the tail portion of the crocodiles, these are horn back crocodile belts. To make such belts one or sometimes two crocodiles are used. There are two types of finishing’s in which the crocodile skin belt is available-Classic gloss and Safari gloss. To get classic gloss over the belts   a natural protein (like raw egg protein) is polished into the skin under high pressure condition. So, the leather looks more processed and smooth. The safari finishing is done under low pressure and low speed buffering of the skin with natural waxes and oils. The belt with safari finishing becomes  richer and deeper in looks over time. These come in different shapes, sizes and colors and buckles with interesting looks. To stretch about an inch such belts take a year or more of potential daily use. But with normal care this quality item can be treasured for many years. Black, black- brown , black-cherry, greenish –brown are the most common colors available for such belt but other color belts are also which are made by dying process. The cost of such crocodile belts is $119.The belts are available both for men and women.

This accessory made of the crocodile skin has better functionality and durability than any other leather belt. Even as compare to other leathers its gets stretched late and gives long lasting results. The genuine crocodile belts are one of its kind with its interesting and unique texture.

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July 28, 2014

There are varieties of coats available in the market, which men wear and get good level of customer satisfaction. But one of the garments among these is coats with various lengths ranging from just above the ankles to above the knees. These coats were often worn centuries ago but because of their uniqueness, comfort and the stylish looks, these are still in fashion and in great demand even though these are designed in the same manner. To any outfit a man wears, this classic garment can give a handsome punch which makes its demand inevitable.


Traditionally, these coats were first used by the British army officers during the first word war. The inventor of gabardine fabric, Thomas Burberry submitted a design to United Kingdom war office in 1901 as a raincoat to be used by the army officials. The coats were earlier only used as raincoats but later, various latest designs were made according to the customer requirements and these spread to different countries of the world from Europe. Ten buttoned, double breasted coat along with a self belt were in fashion during that time. Now, we have single and double breasted coat available in the market. Today, the trench coats for men are available in various colors, fabrics and designs.

Stuffs Used

The fabric mostly used for the trench coats are poplin, polyester, nylon, denim and leather. Wool gabardine coats are less in demand because the high cost of the coat makes it impractical for mass sale while vintage wool gabardine coats can be purchased with reasonable prizes. The cotton fabric coats woven densely with poplin are more durable and water resistant. Fur is often the most common stuff used in the coats for winter purpose. Leather coats are famous not only in fashion industry but also among hard working city men because its stuff is dust repelling and water resistant. The cost of such leather jacket and coats ranges from $375 TO $ 475.Besides this, denim ranges from $139 to$ 175 and cost of poplin jacket would be $ 189.

Color and style

The traditional color for the coats was khaki but now the darker color is more in demand. Black, brown and grey colors are in good demand by men .Besides this cream and white are also are available in the market with latest designs as per requirement of the customers. The style preferred by most of the men is double breast front style as compared to the single breast. Use of belts make gives it comfort and style.

The heritage, comfort, style and usefulness of the coats make it indispensable to be in the wardrobe for men and no other garment can fulfill the purpose these coat do. Trench coats give smart look and comfort too and can be purchased with reasonable prizes.


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July 22, 2014
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July 22, 2014
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July 18, 2014
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July 17, 2014

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July 16, 2014
Get To Know About The Attractive Alligator Skin Wallets

There are some items which you use on personal and regular basis and a few are the one that say something about you just like your watch .One of such personal belongings is a wallet. Most probably wallets are carried by people wherever they go. Everyone wants to have such a wallet that is functional, practical and stylish. One of such type of wallet is the one made of the skin of alligators. The users of this wallet have given the feedback that it is good for safety holding of all the items. Secondly, the shape and sizes of these wallets make them easy to carry. This wallet, has long going useful life so, its relative cost is not an issue for the users who want long lasting wallets. Along with this, no other wallet can replace its style too. It has many advantages over the other type of wallets.

Classic and exclusive looks with years of service are the main features of this wallet. The quality and value of the wallet varies with the species, type of skin and tanning process of the alligator’s skin. The skin of an alligator consists of symmetrical scale patterns with good three dimensional feel. The skin is thick, soft and smoother if it is compared with crocodile skin. That is the reason why alligator skin wallet are preferred to the crocodile skin wallet. One of the most popular species of alligator used to make wallets is  ”American alligator” or “Alligator Mississippians”. For smooth skinned wallets the throat and belly areas are used because here the scales are largest and rectangular in shape too. The least desirable potion is tail and it is used for internal or hidden sections of a purse or for making belts.

There are various styles and formats of this wallet present in the market. The Horn beck wallets are the popular ones because of their attractive and unique texture and are in more demand than smooth wallets. These are made from horn like scale on the back of alligator. The colors of this wallet are mostly grey, brown and greenish just like the alligator’s skin. When further the tanning and dying process is done, the wallet can be made of any color. Yellow, blue ,green and pink are the various colors available in the market. The cost of the alligator skin wallet ranges from$59 to $200 depending upon the quality and designs available. It is good to prefer darker color as the lighter one are inconsistent and can discolor. The colors of these wallets have two kinds of finishes classic high gloss and safari or semi gloss. Classic finish is more smooth and shiny and safari or semi gloss wallets are preferred because of durability. No matter how much attractive wallets one launches in the market, nothing can replace the demand of this wallet because of its interesting looks and durability. For those who are fond of unique and attractive items, this wallet is a good choice.


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July 16, 2014
"Fashionable Tuxedo"

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July 15, 2014
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